Canon’s new free platform gives tips and teaches the art of photography

Canon Connected is presented as a free access content platform, designed to educate, inspire and entertain photo and video enthusiasts.

From this new hub, videos are produced regularly, produced by Canon-associated photographers and videographers, giving them the opportunity to share their experience, knowledge and talent from their homes.

The virtual community of photography enthusiasts, in turn, can take the opportunity to develop new skills or improve their technique.

Covering a variety of relevant topics, the videos will include tips, tricks and tutorials for anyone who wants to learn from the best in their art, or simply improve their photography or video creation skills.

Visitors to the Canon Connected platform will be able to choose from videos produced by some of the most acclaimed and successful photographers and videographers in the world, such as Daniel Etter, a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer; Ulla Lohmann, photography of expeditions and documentaries; and Wanda Martin, who will explain how to organize a home studio.

Additionally, extreme sports photographer Richard Walch will share his essentials for vlogging, and photographer Helen Bartlett, a specialist in family portraits, will offer tips for photographing restless children.

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