“Cantares de José Afonso” from 1964 reaches digital platforms for the first time

The record company Valentim de Carvalho announced that the 1964 album ‘Cantares de José Afonso‘, which includes the song “Oh Vila de Olhão“, is now available on digital platforms

José Afonso is recognized as one of the most important names in national culture! Singer and author, artist and politician in full body, he was instrumental in inspiring and empowering a country struggling against fascism, for freedom, equity and fraternity.

José revolutionized Coimbra’s song, intervention singing, and popular music, experimented and launched clues to discover the connections between Africa and Beira Baixa, for example. There is no shortage of reference songs, hymns known by heart to us all, unforgettable records, chilling concerts that have gone down in history.

And that is why all occasions are good for revisiting the work and the man, and all pretexts are good for reinforcing their importance and arousing the curiosity of new generations.

Now that the 25th of April is celebrated and all the beneficial changes it has brought to our country, the publisher Valentim de Carvalho launches for the first time in the digital world the EP “Cantares de José Afonso” by José Afonso.

Edited on vinyl in 1964, it includes four original themes, with emphasis on “Ó vila de Olhão“, a track censored at the time. For this reason, the first edition was withdrawn from the market. The second edition, already in 1969, had only the instrumental of the music. In 1974, the single “Ó vila de Olhão” was released with lyrics and cover composed by a painting by Maluda entitled “Olhão“.

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