Cante alentejano, music and dance in the Classic Christmas in Évora

Cante alentejano, music, puppet theatre and dance are some of the activities of this year’s edition of Classic Christmas in Évora, whose program starts today, continuing until the beginning of January, according to the municipality.

The event, organized by the Câmara de Évora together with the parish councils and other cultural agents of the county, promises a set of initiatives that refers “to the most classic spirit of Christmas.”

“The music, the theatre, the dance and the tradition of the Alentejo cante will be in several spaces, offering to all” the inhabitants and visitors of the Alentejo city “immaterial gifts of high quality”, emphasized the municipality.

The entries in the initiatives are free and do not require a prior appointment, explained the autarchy, noting that “the program is vast” and runs until January 3, 2019.

The “kick-off” of the Classic Christmas takes place tonight at 9:30 pm at Misericórdia Church with a concert by the Chamber Orchestra of the National Republican Guard.

The ballet ‘Swan Lake’, performed by the Russian Classical Ballet, is the proposal of Saturday, at 21:20, at the Arena d’Évora, with the interpretation of the dancers Evgeniya Bespalova, who “signs” also the direction, and Oleg Shaibakov.

For the 16th, according to the program, there is a concert of the Philharmonic Association ‘Liberalitas Julia’, in the People’s House of the Canaviais, as well as a Dancing Tea and Christmas Market in the Celeiros Space, and the performance of the Polyphonic Choir ‘Eborae Mvica ‘, in the Church of the Convent of Remedies.

The traditional Alentejo puppets “Bonecos de Santo Aleixo”, from the Évora Dramatic Center (Cendrev), will “give life” to the “Car of the Birth of the Child Jesus” in the Évora Public Library, between the 17th and 22nd.

The Church of St. Francis will host a concert on the 19th by the Choir of the University of Évora, with the special participation of the associations of Rehabilitation, Support and Social Solidarity, Portuguese of Parents and Friends of the Mentally Deficient Citizen of Évora, Cerebral Palsy and Floor of the Boys.

The Sing to the Boy, in the Church of Santo Antão, with the Choral and Ethnographic groups ‘Songs of Évora’, Coral ‘Peace and Unity’ of Alcáçovas and Ranch of Singers of Aldeia Nova de São Bento, and a concert by the String Orchestra of Sinfonieta de Lisboa, at the Teatro Garcia de Resende, are the initiatives scheduled for the 22nd.

The Church of Santo Antão is again the “stage” chosen, on the 23rd, for the concert of the Évora Choir, as well as the Convento dos Remédios where, on January 3, a meeting will take place on the traditions of Natal, Janeiras and Reis, the municipality said.

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