Portugal’s Hideaways: Aldeia de Almeida

Come and visit the village of Almeida located in the district of Guarda, in the province of Beira Alta, in the Centro region and sub-region of Beiras and Serra da Estrela, which is part of the 12 Historic Villages of Portugal.

Almeida village is one of the 12 Historical Villages of Portugal and has a very large historical load due to its strategic geographical positioning, having been a field of many battles where, today, spectacular recreations are made around the most striking episodes.

Almeida, faced with the need to modernize the obsolete medieval structures, committed himself after the Restoration, in the construction of a renewed war machine that could adapt to the new firearms, and that would allow him to seal the border. The Plaza-Forte is of hexagonal plan, constituted by six bastions, to which correspond the same number of revelins.

This village originated from the migration of the inhabitants of a Lusitanian castro, located to the north of the place of Enxido da Sarça, occupied in 61 BC by the Romans, and later by the barbarian peoples. Given its situation on the plateau, the Arabs called it Al-Mêda (the Table), Talmeyda or Almeydan, having built a small castle (8th-9th century).

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