Portugal’s Hideaways: Azenhas do Mar

Come and visit Azenhas do Mar, a village located in the municipality of Sintra

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Azenhas do Mar is located in the municipality of Sintra, about 40 kilometers from Lisbon and 10 kilometers from the city of Sintra

Azenhas do Mar is a village on the coast of the municipality of Sintra, parish of Colares. Developing along the cliffs of the coast and with a beach where there is an oceanic pool.

In addition to the picturesque natural landscape, there are several buildings of interest in Azenhas do Mar, particularly in the Smooth Portuguese Style, namely with tiles on the facades, as is the case with the school and the residence for the teacher. Present in all tourist routes in Portugal, it is currently the second home for many, with its resident population of 800 inhabitants.


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