Portugal Hideaways: Chaves

Come and visit Chaves, a Portuguese city in the district of Vila Real

In the fresh mornings, with a clear air full of morning odors that evaporate from the overflowing nature of the banks of the Tâmega. From pleasant and sunny afternoons, where time has its course slow and paused in order to take advantage of all the beauty emanating from this valley of Chaves, where epic and memorable historical feats were lived here by remote civilizations, such as the Romans, expressed in their bridges , roads and spas.

It is in Chaves that you will want to start visiting and enjoying the lands of Alto Tâmega and Trás-os-Montes. And the flavians await you with expectation, to welcome you with open arms and with ancestral knowledge and flavors to offer you, which only in Chaves can you find.

There are a lot of mandatory stops for those visiting Chaves, among them are the Castelo de Chaves, the Igreja da Misericórdia and the Igreja de Santa Maria Maior (Igreja Matriz), the Roman Bridge of Trajan, the Museum of Contemporary Art Nadir Afonso and the Roman baths Aquae Flaviae.

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