Portugal’s Hideaways: Constância

Come visit Constância, a Portuguese village belonging to the district of Santarém, in the province of Ribatejo

As a result of the excellent natural resources, in which the municipality is extremely rich, Constância has a wide range of Active Tourism activities aimed at different segments of the population. The municipality of Constância, which has an excellent historical, cultural, landscape and geographic heritage, occupying a pivotal position between the capital, Alentejo and Beira presents itself as a space for territorial, environmental and tourist promotion for the leisure activities developed by land, air, and water, which it has to offer you throughout the year.

Conquered from the Moors in 1150, a village was made in 1571 by letter from D. Sebastião. During the French Invasions it was deeply vandalized. It would later be recovered, preserving today many points of rare scenic, architectural and archaeological beauty.

The Church of Nossa Senhora dos Mártires, Pelourinho, the Igreja da Misericórdia, the Jardim-Horto de Camões, the Torre do Relógio and the Chapel of Sant’Ana are just a few elements of the heritage of this beautiful village that keeps within its small pieces of our history, which give rise to magnificent tourist routes.

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