Portugal’s Hideaways: Evoramonte

Come and visit the village of Evoramonte, located in Estremoz in Alentejo, its name is linked to the convention of the same name that ended the war between absolutists and liberals.

Its Castle, surrounded by olive trees and cork trees, rises on a 500 m high hill, allowing us to access one of the most beautiful views of the city walls and Serra D’Ossa. On the way down, we find the Igreja da Misericórdia, one of the most beautiful examples of Gothic architecture, whose walls and vault are covered by tiles from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Evoramonte’s historical appeal and natural beauty maintain, today, the strength and fury of yesteryear. A village whose character was forged by iron, blood and fire, rebuilding itself with each attack suffered, Evoramonte proudly boasts its unshakable scars and foundations. So, enjoy the hot summer afternoons and come and hear the stories that Evoramonte has to offer you in whispers of fresh breeze.

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