Portugal’s Hideaways: Foz d´Égua

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Come and visit the village of Foz d´Égua, in the parish of Piódão

In the Serra do Açor, close to the village of Piódão and after traveling 8 km through the road, we find Foz d´Égua in which the Ribeiras de Piódão and Chãs d´Égua meet, their route is blocked by a dam, creating a mirror of water and contributing to a paradisiacal place in the middle of summer.

The place has a natural beauty, the framing of the two existing bridges, the proximity of two shale mills, a wine press and the blocks of stones carved by the current of the streams, allows the tourist use by many.

The profile of the area surrounding the water mirror is not very rugged, as it results from the connection of the streams, the same cannot be said in relation to the pedestrian accesses, which are quite rugged, connecting the road to the beach by terraces that cross with small stairs in shale.

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