Portugal’s Hideaways: Loriga

Come and visit the village of Loriga, in the municipality of Seia, district of Guarda

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Loriga is a Portuguese village and parish in the municipality of Seia, district of Guarda.

Loriga is known as the “Portuguese Switzerland” due to its extraordinary landscape and geographical location. Surrounded by mountains, of which Penha dos Abutres (1828 meters of altitude) and Penha do Gato (1771 meters of altitude) stand out, it is embraced by two water courses: Ribeira de Loriga and Ribeira de S.Bento.

The Ribeira de Loriga is one of the largest tributaries of the River Alva. The terraces and its complex irrigation network are one of the great ex-libris of Loriga, a work built over hundreds of years and that transformed a rocky valley into a fertile valley. It is a work that still marks the landscape today, being part of the historical heritage of the village and demonstrating the genius of its inhabitants.



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