Portugal’s Hideaways: Parque Natural de Montesinho

Come and visit the Parque Natural de Montesinho located in the Northeast Transmontano.

Recognized in 1979 as a Natural Park, it currently has 9,000 inhabitants and 92 villages. Located in Terra Fria Trás-os-Montes, temperatures vary between – 12º C and 40º C. It presents a heterogeneous relief, with wavy plateaus cut by deep embedded valleys, as well as some mountains, of which the two most important are the Serra de Montesinho, to the north Bragança, and Serra da Coroa, north of Vinhais.

Here, where the days are longer, we find pastures and valleys as far as the eye can see, green forests, small streams and waterfalls, and an extensive biodiversity inhabiting species such as the Iberian wolf, doe or deer.

Dare to embark on an adventure through the Parque Natural de Montesinho, you won’t regret it!

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