Portugal’s Hideaways: Tomar

Come and visit Tomar, a Portuguese city belonging to the district of Santarém

Tomar, the Templar city that developed from the construction of its Castle, built 1160 by D. Gualdim Pais, Grand Master of the Order of the Temple, which would become the headquarters of the monk knights in Portugal, is a place that allies an unforgettable beauty to the historical presence, full of symbolism and mysticism.

The magnificent gardens, such as Parque do Mouchão and Mata dos Sete Montes, are spaces that you will want to discover. As well as the Castelo do Bode Albufeira, a water mirror surrounded by pine forests, with small islets, which provides breathtaking landscapes.

The built heritage is another reason why you should not miss visiting this region. The Convento de Cristo, the “jewel in the crown”, is a monument dating from the 12th century and was designated by UNESCO in 1983 as a World Heritage Site. Characterized by several architectural styles, its main attractions are the Charola (original Templar church) and the famous Chapter Window (Manueline style), ornamented with marine motifs in honor of the time of the discoveries. In Tomar you can also visit the oldest Synagogue in Portugal.

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