Portugal Hideaways: Viseu

Come and visit Viseu, a Portuguese city located in the province of Beira Alta

Occupied since the Castro era, the history of Viseu is closely related to the History of Portugal. If the mythical figure of Viriato, the warrior who led the Lusitanian tribes against the Romans, gave the old captivity a vital role during the Romanization, D. Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal, also established a close connection between the first years of the foundation of nationality and this noble city of Beira Alta. A place of strategic and commercial importance since ancient times, there are many traces that archeology, and sometimes chance, have come to reveal here.

The city reached its peak in religious art and religious architecture, as evidenced by the countless churches that adorn the historic center, the Museum of Sacred Art and the Cathedral, one of the most emblematic buildings in Viseu and testimony to the importance of this city as headquarters diocese.

In Adro da Sé, one of the main places of interest in the historic center, you can find, in addition to the Cathedral and the Museums, the Misericórdia Church, the pillory and the Passeio dos Cónegos. You can also leave the horizons of the city and discover, in the heart of Viseu, the best that nature can offer you in Serra do Caramulo. Filling the lungs with the purest air while losing sight of an imposing landscape, or taking advantage of the therapeutic benefits of water at the Termas de São Pedro do Sul, this is the ideal place for your body and spirit to rest with tranquility and delight.


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