Scottish singer-songwriter James Michael Rodgers releases “Borderline”

Scottish singer-songwriter James Michael Rodgers is back with the song “Borderline“, a modern folk anthem that addresses the struggles and achievements of those facing mental illness and seeking answers in the midst of life’s adversities.

This powerful song is a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit and the deep connection that can be found even in the darkest moments. It is now published in Portugal through the Lisbon label specializing in folk, Lay Down Recordings.

Rodgers drew inspiration from the wisdom of legendary Irish bards and artists such as Van Morrison and The Dubliners. These artists, who also crossed the metaphorical boundary into the depths of human experience, recognized the transformative power of embracing the entire spectrum of life, including moments of madness and insanity. This song is a testament to the idea that in order to connect with higher powers as an author and with an audience, one must first feel the fullness of life.

The writing process for “Borderline” was a whirlwind of emotions and experiences. James Michael Rodgers wrote the song during the early months of the first wave of the pandemic while living by a lake in Jungfernheide, on the outskirts of Berlin. He is also going through a tumultuous period of personal change, travelling long distances to play in the city and immerse himself in kingdoms of magic mushrooms and esoteric literature. It was during this intense period of introspection and exploration that the song was born, being composed in just 10 minutes.

The first public performance of the song took place at the Neulich Sessions, a memorable night in a brewery that the artist himself organized in Neukölln. The catchy chorus won over the audience, and their enthusiastic participation left no doubt that they had touched something deep. “Borderline” has become a powerful source of healing and community, embodying the essence of what songwriting can achieve when it touches the hearts and souls of its listeners.

James Michael Rodgers reflects on the importance of the song, saying, “Although ‘Borderline’ has only three chords, I believe it is the most important song I have ever written. It is a song that resonates with anyone who seeks healing, embraces their journey and hopes to find serenity within herself. It’s about trusting in the path that only we ourselves can take.”

Borderline” is now available on all streaming platforms and its release is a testament to the power of music to inspire and heal. James Michael Rodgers invites everyone to experience the journey of “Borderline” and find their own serenity as they cross the threshold of life’s challenges.

Now available via Lay Down Recordings on all digital platforms.

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