Caparica is the world headquarters of naturism between Thursday and Sunday

The Costa da Caparica, in Almada, will be the world headquarters of naturism during the next days, with an international meeting in which will be represented about 40 countries and a hundred associative leaders from various parts of the globe.

From Thursday to Sunday, issues related to the activity of each organization will be discussed at the 36th World Congress on Naturism, and activities will also be planned in the municipality of Sesimbra, where Meco beach is located, one of the most the eight considered officials in Portugal for the naturist practice.

According to the Portuguese Federation of Naturism, created 41 years ago, Almada is the only Portuguese county with two official naturist beaches (Adiça and Bela Vista), in the “small universe” national.

The Municipality of Almada “bet more in this market, still to be discovered by the businessmen, in a country by the sea planted and with more hours of sunshine per year in Europe,” the federation said in a statement.

About 40 federations and delegates or correspondents in countries where these organizations are not yet established will participate in the meeting, hoping that the initiative will contribute to growing a way of being considered a philosophy of life, “without shame, without prejudice”, in respect by the other and by nature.

“For the family, for the neighbor and for the own one, where there can be a social nudity that is so natural that nobody will notice in the naked body as such, but like a person who is there next, naturally”, they defend.

It is the first time that the congress, which is held every two years, will take place in Portugal and it is also the first time that the Portuguese federation is presided over by a woman, Filipa Gouveia Esteves, elected in March.

According to federation data, there will be more than 10,000 practitioners in Portugal.

The event is organized by the International Naturist Federation, whose head is the president of the Naturist Federation of Austria, Sieglinde Ivo.

Along with the works, there will be walks in the counties of Almada and Sesimbra, which supported the initiative, according to the organization.

Also referred to as naturists are the beaches of Salto and Alteirinhos (Alentejo coast), the Adegas, the island of Tavira and the Barreta (Algarve).

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