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Caparica surrenders to T-Rex, Bishop, Mishlawi and Dillaz

O Sol da Caparica festival

On the fourth day had a promotion, T-Rex took the main stage to keep company with António Zambujo, Mafalda Veiga, Bispo, Mishlawi, and Dillaz.

Sol da Caparica had another hot day, off stage but also on stage, with several performances that scorched.

The day started with António Zambujo on the Super Bock stage, followed by Mafalda Veiga, Nelson Freitas, and then the surprise, T-Rex went to the main stage, which made the audience “warm up“, and well, before the stars entered the “field “, Bishop, Mishlawi, and Dillaz, who had the room full to hear them.

Bispo one of the most charismatic names of national hip hop, his writing raw the strong performance, once again well achieved in Caparica, the rapper from the Sintra line speaks directly to an audience, and portrays a reality shared with his fans.

Mishlawi, an American hip-hop artist, who grew up in Portugal, started his music career on YouTube before Richie Campbell introduced him to Portugal, but he quickly crossed borders, he was very cherished by the audience that was at the Caparica festival.

At dawn, it was Dillaz’s turn to take the stage, one of the most renowned artists in the context of Portuguese Hip-Hop, with a concert as always very dynamic, presenting themes from his latest album, but also those that made him known public.

The Free Now stage, was not far behind, the “big brother”, Cláudia Pascoal, was the first to take the stage, the Dynamo concert did not take place, better known for having represented Portugal in the Eurovision contest in 2018, immediately won the audience that was early to hear it, followed by Cuca Monga, and then the phenomenon, Chico da Tina, with songs full of criticism and caricature to which he adds a special image, forming the perfect combination between tradition and modernity, resulted in another crowd, which rivals the main stage.

PoesiaAcustica the project, which conquered all of Brazil, which includes MC Cabelinho, Chris MC, and TZ da Coronel and now has the carioca sensation N.I.N.A, was the performance that followed, interrupted several times by the group, to assist the public that was suffering from the heat and exhaustion, but did not move away to see their idols.

To close the second stage were Bateu Matou, a group formed by Ivo Costa (Batida, Sara Tavares), Quim Albergaria (Paus), and Riot (Buraka Som Sistema), in the company of Pité and Rahissa in a concert where percussion is the queen of the party.

On the Jazzy stage, the highlight was the Battle All Styles, in a competition where the fans and the public were the jury, but were also performances by Lil Malaikes kids, Jazzy Intensive, Jazzy Dance Crew, and Funk Fest w/Yayaa.

The Unlock Energy stage featured Tiger Lewis, Kevu, and Kura to keep the party going until dawn on the penultimate day of O Sol da Caparica.

Today last day you can see:

Comédia stage

  • Chico Alves
  • Rui Xará
  • Aldo Lima

Free Now stage

  • Maneva
  • Gil Semedo
  • Yuri NR5
  • Maninho
  • Nenny
  • Papillon

Super Bock stage

  • Barbara Bandeira
  • MC Don Juan
  • Tiago Bettencourt
  • Kevinho
  • Os Quatro e meia
  • Carlão
  • José Cid

Palco Unlock Energy

  • Massivedrum
  • Vanco
  • Dieff

Jazzy stage

  • D. Life Acadamy
  • Lil Malaikes
  • Jazzy Dance Crew
  • Feel it Dance

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