Cape Verde: “Manuel d’Novas” debuts in Praia

The dance-theater show “Manuel d’Novas”, by the group Raiz di Polon, debuts in Praia, after being in São Vicente, within the scope of the Mindelact Festival. “Manuel d’Novas” is presented this Thursday, 13th, at 8 pm, at the Centro Cultural Português.

This show presents the life and work of Manuel d’Novas, one of the Cape Verdean poets and composers best known for his compositions.

The show consists of a co-production by Associação Cultural Raiz di Polon, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, OPART/National Ballet Company / Victor Córdon Studios, Praia City Council, Largo Residências, with Manuel d’Novas’ presentation in the city of Praia has the support of the Portuguese Cultural Center.

According to Mano Preto, artistic director of the Raiz di Polon group, the piece is a solo accompanied by live music from some of the composer’s songs. “In dramaturgical terms, it has a lot of plasticity and we will use some elements that he used as a chair, boat where he worked, guitar. In the play we don’t talk much about Manuel d’Novas, but about his music ”.

“The show is structured in two parts, the first part being a mini-concert with the composer’s songs, a choreographed concert. Entries for musicians and singers are choreographed. The second part is a continuous concert that includes the scenic elements, dramaturgy and dance ”, he explains.

According to the dancer from Raiz di Polon, the play is 42 minutes. “It’s happy, the lightest I’ve ever done, with some songs at the end where Manuel d’Novas disappears through the islands”.

Mano Preto says that, as Manuel d’Novas always liked to do tocatinas and serenades, “at any moment of this mini-concert you have the expectation that the dancers will enter, but that does not happen. In fact, this entry only happens after 20 minutes. And that will create expectations and anxiety in the audience ”.

Several songs by Manuel d’Novas were introduced in the play. “The play begins with the song” Pinote na vapor “and ends with” Coração Tchorá “. We decided to put the songs in the play, because they are representative of Manuel d’Novas ”

After the city of Praia, “Manuel d’Novas” will be at an event to be held in May and possibly at the International Festival of the Atlantic Theater (TEARTI).

Last November, Neu Lopes, son of Manuel d’Novas, made in São Vicente the premiere of the documentary on the life of the composer, entitled “Manuel d’Novas – Coração de Poeta”.

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