Cape Verde Museums with an increase in visitors in 2019

Museums in Cape Verde registered an increase in visitors compared to the previous year, from 22 thousand in 2018 to 32 thousand in 2019. Among the visitors, foreign tourists and students stand out.

According to a document released by the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries, the Museum with the largest number of visitors remains the Resistance Museum, former concentration camp in Tarrafal de Santiago, with a total of 11,812 visits.

The second most visited is the Ethnographic Museum (Praia), with a total of 6,413.

In third place in this ranking is the Museu do Mar (São Vicente), which has a total of 3,169 visitors.

The most visited room was the Norberto Tavares Museum (Santa Catarina de Santiago), with 2,717 visitors.

This is followed by the Archeology Museum (Praia), with a total of 1,816. The Museum of Tabanca (Santa Catarina de Santiago), had a record of 1,386 visitors, the Museum of Sal (island of Sal), 1118 visitors, while the Museum Center of Cesária Évora (São Vicente), registered 833 visitors.

The predominant public continues to be foreign tourists with a total of 20,070 visitors and national students, particularly primary and secondary education, with 5,344 visitors.

The foreigners who visited museums the most are elderly, from cruise tourism, whose operators have become aware of the importance and need to provide day trippers with contact with the history and culture of the points of call, in the particular case of Cape Verde, which has seen an exponential increase in demand in that segment.

In relation to students, the visits fall within the scope of the schools’ curricular plans, through which one seeks to consolidate the teaching and learning process, supported by the historical-cultural and heritage resources as a practical component of that process. These visits occur at random throughout the academic year.

According to the same source, this increase represents the impacts of the measures implemented by the institute, within the framework of the Cape Verde Museums Project.

In this sense for this year (2020), in addition to actions aimed at expanding and modernizing content and improving accessibility, the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries, through the IPC (Directorate for Museums), warns that it is working on reinforcement of communication mechanisms and promotion of museums aiming at increasing the number of visitors.

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