Cape Verde opens tomorrow desalination plants in São Vicente and Sal

Two seawater desalination plants will be inaugurated on Monday in the Cape Verdean islands of São Vicente and Sal when they mark the 50th anniversary of desalination in Cape Verde.

In this country, although drinking water is of an underground and superficial origin, one of the solutions found to solve the problem of drought and water scarcity was the use of seawater desalination.

This is the way the supply of the main urban centres – Sal, Mindelo, Boa Vista, Praia – which, with the exception of Boa Vista Island, is carried out by the Electricity and Water Company (Electra) concessionaire.

Desalination in Cape Verde began in 1968 and, as part of the commemorations of this 50th anniversary, a forum was held in March on the island of São Vicente on World Water Day, promoted by the Aga Nôs Vida Association.

The second moment of these celebrations will be held on Monday with the inauguration of the two plants in the islands of São Vicente and Sal, each with the capacity to produce 10 thousand cubic meters of desalinated water per day.

The ceremony will be attended by the Prime Minister, Ulisses Correia e Silva.

The following day, a tribute will be paid to the former workers of Sal’s first desalination plant, which will be held at the Electra facility in Palmeira.

Another point that marks this anniversary will be held on Thursday with an international conference on “The Water Problem in Insular and Sahelian Regions”, in Mindelo, the island of São Vicente.

The debate will focus on the production and distribution of desalinated water – cost optimization perspectives, 50 years of experience in desalination in the Canaries and cooperation with Cape Verde, comprehensive water quality legislation and desalination processes and consumption.

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