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Capitão Fausto | Castelo Branco

The story of Tomás, Salvador, Francisco, Manuel and Domingos has its first chapter in 2011, with “Gazela” – the debut album. There we find the urgency of youth songs, of the pop hymns that are sung and know little by little. In 2014, “Pesar o Sol” arrives at the showrooms.

And it is in this second Album (often the all or nothing of so many Artists) that they stand out as one of the most original and creative proposals in our country. They defend it live, with memorable shows in big and small festivals, in clubs, in theaters, all over Portugal that receives them and forces them to grow. As your fan base grows exponentially, now transformed into legion.

In 2016 it is the songs of “Capitão Fausto Have the Days Counted” that lead them to surpass all expectations. A little more than 30 minutes of music and words, in pop mode, filled with refinement and refinement, that tell the life stories of each of the Captain Fausto, but that are much more than that, because growing up is for everyone. 2016 confirms that Captain Fausto is, finally, a safe bet.

A bet on good musical taste and refined sensitivity. A bet on creativity and the brilliance of a band that seems unstoppable.

In 2019 they revealed “A Invenção do Dia Claro”, the fourth record of originals by Capitão Fausto. Recorded at Red Bull Studios São Paulo by Rodrigo “Funai” Costa, it was produced and mixed in Alvalade by the band itself. The mastering was in charge of Brian Lucey at the Magic Garden Mastering in Los Angeles.

The cover is the responsibility of Vitor da Silva, illustrator and graphic designer responsible for creating the graphics of notable newspapers such as “Expresso”, “Tempo” and “Correio da Manhã”. “Semper Bem”, “Faço As Vontades”, “Amor, our vida” and “Boa Memória” show a band that is reborn with each album, renewed with the care of those who want to build a solid career, in an apparently way rampant but without the daze of dazzle.

Passionate about Cartola, samba and choro, they went to Brazil to invest in reinventing themselves. 2019 welcomed those with open arms. In 2020, that which is considered by many as one of the most important bands of its generation, returns to the stage of the Theaters.

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