Capitol promotes a cycle of conversations without taboos

From the 20th to the 28th of September, between 19:00 and 20:00, the Capitólio Cineteatro gathers, on its terrace, personalities from the most diverse areas for a cycle of conversations whose motto is “A Vida É Muito Isto”.

Thought is celebrated, stripped of murals and armour, in an exercise of freedom and reverberation of the arts that the Capitol has been the stage since its foundation, from cinema to music to theatre. Over 8 days, it will be a space for reflection and debate on central current issues, offering the public experiences and perspectives on the future of personalities from different generations and sensibilities.

The ‘Frontier between journalism and opinion’ is the opening theme that, on September 20, the journalist and writer Clara Ferreira Alves takes to the Capitol, in a conversation led by Diogo Queiroz de Andrade, journalist, researcher and professor. The next day, journalist and writer Inês Fonseca Santos moderates the conversations between writers that bring together Jacinto Lucas Pires and Bruno Vieira Amaral.

On September 22, lawyer Carmo Afonso and writer Gisela Casimiro pointed out answers to the question ‘Is a revolution necessary for women to have equality?, with moderation by journalist Catarina Marques Rodrigues.

After the women, it is the young people who inspire and lead the following conversation, on the 23rd of September: Mateus Carvalho, vice-president of the Portuguese section of the pan-European political movement and party Volt, and Carolina Pereira, activist in the area of ​​gender equality and LGBTQ rights, exchange ideas and proposals in response to the motto ‘How do we bring new generations into politics?, with moderation by journalist Liliana Borges.

Journalism in a War scenario brings together Cândida Pinto and Ricardo Alexandre, two of the most respected war reporters in the country, in a sharing of experiences moderated by journalist Miguel Ribeiro, on 24 September. The next day, the writers Rui Zink and Hugo Gonçalves departed from the theme: Is it fear that drives us forward? for a conversation moderated by journalist Cláudia Marques Santos.

The blogger Andreia Paes de Vasconcellos and the psychologist Inês Leão talk about Educating in the difference on September 27, with moderation by the journalist and specialist in education issues, Bárbara Wong.

The closing of “A Vida É Muito Isto” brings together the journalist Daniel Oliveira and the lawyer Francisco Mendes da Silva, moderated by the journalist David Dinis, for a conversation based on the theme: Polarization: Did we stop being able to talk?

Admission, for those over 6 years of age, is free, subject to available capacity.

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