Capitólio receives VITÃO at the premiere of the first edition of Viralisa

Special guest, Blacci

September 3, from 8 pm, in Lisbon

Vitão, one of the biggest stars of the Portuguese-speaking world, known not only for his music but also for his political messages and support for the lgbtqia+ community, will perform for the first time in Lisbon. His presentation, which will take place on September 3, at Capitólio, also marks the debut of Viralisa, an event that promises to revolutionize the relationship between the real and the digital in live events.

In addition to Vitão, Viralisa will have a special guest: Blacci, Vitão’s partner, with whom he recently edited the single ‘Amor e Mais’. Some of the most well-known faces on social media (tick tockers) will also be present at the event, promoting different dynamics between the performer and the audience and with the possibility of getting to know the artist (through the meet and greet ticket).

Vitão, at 22, is already one of the main singers and songwriters of the new generation and attracts more and more fans with songs that transit through R&B, Hip hop, Samba, Pagode, Bossa Nova, and Pop. The artist, who belongs to the Universal Music label, has more than 2.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, more than 2.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify Brazil, and more than 3.5 million followers on Instagram. .

He was recently in Portugal for a tour and performed at the Marés Vivas Festival. In the lineup of the concert at Capitólio, Vitão will show hits such as ‘Flôres’, ‘Café e Declaração’, in addition to sharing the stage with Blacci in ‘Amor e mais’.

Blacci, a 21-year-old singer and songwriter, is also already well-known to the public and has a legion of fans on her networks. The artist, who is also signed to Universal Music, was a semifinalist at the Festival da Canção and has other singles: ‘Loko’, ‘Vou Te Amar’ (with Murta’s collaboration), and ‘Nada com Ele’. Blacci, who mixes pop, trap, and R&B, among other rhythms, in his performances, will show in the concert lineup ‘Máquina do tempo’, ‘Sabor chocolate’, ‘Por mais que custe’, and ‘Ficar junto’, among other themes.

About Viralisa:
Viralisa focuses on music and entertainment, but also on the memories and stories we shared in the community. The new format promises, first, to be the place where the best stories happen and, secondly, with the use of technology, to provide the best memories of these moments spent with your best friends. Viralisa is, therefore, a party that will always be much more than just a single concert.

September 3 (Saturday), 2022
VITÃO and Special Guest, BLACCI
Capitol, Lisbon

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