Capote Fest takes to Évora sonorities of nine Portuguese bands

Nine bands, some emerging and others with national relevance, are in the 4th edition of Capote Fest, a festival that brings to Évora the sounds of new Portuguese music, between now and Saturday.

Anarchicks, Preparatory Cycle, Compadres, The Quartet of Woah, Môrus, Malaboos, Ripe Cassette, Bananana and Women are the groups that fill the concert poster of the Capote Fest – Festival of Modern Portuguese Music.

The initiative, which opens today at Sociedade Harmonia Eborense (SHE), while the other shows take place at SOIR – Joaquim António de Aguiar, is co-organized by the independent collective of Évora Capote Música, which supports the creation and production of music, and town hall.

The promotion of “new Portuguese music, through emerging bands, regional impact, and others already with national relevance,” is one of the objectives of the festival, the organization assumed.

Rita Piteira, from Capote Música, told that “Portuguese rock is sung in Portuguese and is the common denominator of the festival“, but in this edition, the programming was open to other sounds.

The Capote Fest “is already of stone and lime and this year we have a more heterogeneous poster, that is, we continue to have our common denominator, but we also cross the ‘electro-punk’ of the Anarchicks, the hip-hop of Compadres, the ‘stoner-rock’ of The Quartet of Woah and the ‘jazz-funk’ of the Bananana, ” he said.

According to Rita Piteira, the organization wants “from year to year to start opening the doors of the festival to other musical records,” to “broaden the range of possibilities” so that “other bands can act.”

The festival wants to promote “decentralization” and show that “it is not enough to export musicians from the Alentejo outside the region, but also bring musicians from outside to the interior“, where “there is an interested and informed public.”

We tried to create an alternative music route, avoiding the big metropolis, which is where everything happens, and allow the bands that do not have access to this most avant-garde circuit to have a stage here to present their projects,” said Rita Piteira.

The opening concert, today at 11:00 pm, at SHE, in Praça do Giraldo, will be performed by the Women group, while the other two nights will be filled, always starting at 10:30 pm, for four daily shows, at SOIR.

On Friday, they perform Bananana, Môrus, Preparatory Cycle and Anarchicks and, on Saturday, it is the turn of Cassete Riscada, Malaboos, The Quartet of Woah and Compadres.

On that last night, after the concerts, the festival continues in the initiative Post-Capote with the DJ Altamont, in a local discotheque.

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