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Location: Serra do Caramulo is a protected landscape zone located between Beira Alta and Beira Litoral, in the Tourist Region of Dão Lafões, in the municipality of Tondela.

Climate: The exceptional location of the Serra do Caramulo between peaks and valleys, forms a microclimate with an average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. An intense mist adorns the dawns of the mountain range, while the days are usually sunny. Throughout the year it is possible to enjoy the outdoor activities.

Handicraft: The craftwork of Molelos (pottery) has been alive in the Serra do Caramulo for a long time. All kinds of decorative objects are at your disposal to adorn some corner of your house, but also to take a beautiful souvenir of the mountains.


Hiking in the Serra do Caramulo

In all the natural space of the Serra do Caramulo, there are routes especially recommended for the practice of hiking. In many cases, the paths are signposted and pass through landscapes and small villages of exceptional charm. Some of these routes are dedicated to a certain theme such as the Flax Route, the Orange Route or the Route of the Crosses, among others.

Route of the Orange Groves. This begins and ends at the Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart of Mary. At the beginning of the march, you will pass through small villages in the mountains. But the points of interest are succeeding, mills, waterfalls, village houses, mansions, and fountains. This road crosses beautiful stops between chestnut trees and orange groves. Starting point: Sagrado Coração de Maria Park Distance: 7,5 km. Approximate time: 3 hours.

Linen route. The starting point of this route is also the Park of the Sanctuary of the Sacred Heart of Mary. The first step is done by the hillside. Besides the obligatory visit to the Linen Treatment Center, the path offers the possibility to enjoy the beautiful landscape, old mills and the observation of traditional crafts such as agriculture and pastoral. Starting point: Sacred Heart of Mary Park Distance: 8.8 km. Approximate time: 4 hours.

Route of the Crosses. It starts in the village of Caramulo, in front of Tourism. A pleasant and fresh path crosses the park until you reach the first paths through the forest. In Guardão, making a small detour, it is advisable to visit the chapel of São Sebastião. Continuing along rural roads you will discover the crosses, symbols of this itinerary. In the vicinity of St. Bartholomew is a beautiful cruise, from which one can contemplate the exceptional views around, among other surprises that will not disappoint the walker. Starting point: Parque Jerónimo Lacerda, in Caramulo. Distance: 8 km. Approximate time: 4 hours.

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