Caravanning: a type of tourism with great growth in Portugal

The Portuguese motorhome driver is between 38 and 45 years old, travels as a family (with a better half and a 7-year-old son), plans their trips in advance and includes cultural and physical activity stops in nature, such as mountaineering.

This is, according to data from Yescapa, the portrait of the Portuguese who increasingly adhere to this type of tourism.

The number of motorhome reservations on the Yescapa website increased by 200% between January 2019 and January 2020, showing that the Portuguese adhered to this way of traveling.

According to data from the European Caravaning Federation, in 2019 there was an increase of around 24% in the number of leisure vehicles in Portugal, a growth that should be maintained this year.

“The motorhome is growing in Portugal, not only for summer holidays, but also for getaways, festivals, concerts and other events”, says Portuguese-descendant Julie Da Vara, Chief Operating Officer of Yescapa at a global level.


Campervans, transformed vans and campervans combine freedom of mobility and schedules with comfort and a very own way of life that includes a spirit of adventure and respect for nature”, concludes.

The national motorhome driver prefers the mountain, beach and small villages, planning holidays or getaways in advance.

Here, nothing is left to chance, with preparation beginning about four months before departure, often supported by recommendations found on social networks and travel forums, which stand out as privileged sources of inspiration.

About Yescapa

Yescapa, an online platform called “Airbnb of motorhomes”, works as a reference in collaborative tourism as an intermediary in the rental of motorhomes, transformed vans or campervans among private individuals.

Arriving in Portugal in July 2018, the French startup has more than 550 registered owners in Portugal. In 2019, around 11,500 Portuguese users turned to the platform.

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