Carla Zibreira raises digital confidence in Axians

In the digital space all companies are digital businesses, regardless of the products they sell or the services they provide. But only some stand out and lead.

The difference is in digital trust they generate in their customers, partners and shareholders. These market players can conquer and retain more customers as well as develop more positive relationships with all stakeholders in the long run.

Carla Zibreira takes a decisive role in the definition, alignment and development of Axians Portugal’s Digital Trust strategy, offering customers the best services and solutions in this area having as a starting point the different sectors of activity in which they move. Axians’s Digital Trust offer is now much more than a cibersecurity solution.

It is a holistic and pioneering approach that contemplates quality, safety, continuity and compliance as pillars of sustainable digital trust, and which proposes to deliver value to the business of companies, establishing and managing confidence in digital relations and interactions between strategy, processes, people and technology.

With an experience of about 20 years in the information technology sector, Carla Zibreira specializes in several consultancy fields and information security training and advised c-level teams, as well as technical and non-technical teams on topics ranging from Strategy and information security management, privacy of data and business continuity. She also led multidisciplinary teams with skills in the area of ​​security as those of ethical hacking, integration and SOC. After almost seven years with evidence given as a top specialist at S21Sec, the professional thus begins a new professional experience.

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