Carlão, Aurea and Marisa Liz give free concerts in Seixal

‘Pop of the Revolution’ takes place on Thursday, April 24.

As has happened in recent years, there are parties all over the country on the eve of April 25th to commemorate freedom. Free concerts multiply, as well as other activities that promise to encourage each municipality.

After Almada and Moita announce their poster for the celebrations, it was Seixal’s turn, also on the South Bank, to reveal the names that will take the stage to give a free ‘Pop of the Revolution’ spectacle to the whole population.

From 22:00 on April 24, in the Riverside area of Seixal, music is in charge of Carlão, Aurea, Marisa Liz, Fernando Ribeiro, Men of the Fight and Tatanka.

Already in the night, Chullage, Celina Piedade, Russian and Project Omir take care of the animation.

The event also counts on the digital presence of Simone de Oliveira, Jorge Palma, Paulo de Carvalho, Teresa Salgueiro and Marco Rodrigues.

According to the Seixal City Hall, these entries will be broadcast on a giant screen.

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