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Carlão, Barbara Bandeira, Kevinho and Os Quatro e Meia, the super stars that lit up Caparica

O Sol da Caparica festival

Sol da Caparica ended, Carlão, Barbara Bandeira, Kevinho, and Os Quatro e Meia were the stars that shined on the last day, almost making us forget the many controversies and complaints that were part of the five-day festival.

The last day started at the Comédia Stage with Chico Alves, then Rui Xará, and ended with the renowned Aldo Lima, for another start full of laughter on the last day of the O Sol da Caparica festival.

After the comedy, the stage passed to Jazzy, and it was the dance that gave it life, D. Life Acadamy, Lil Malaikes, Jazzy Dance Crew and Feel it Dance were the protagonists of an incredible moment that many of those who visited the festival did not want to miss.

Unlock Energy stage dedicated to electronic music had the presence of Massivedrum, Vanco, and Dieff until dawn.

The Free Now Stage, had several surprising performances, despite once again delays and last-minute changes in the concert lineups, Maneva the Brazilian reggae band from São Paulo, was the first to take the second stage at Caparica. Composed by Tales de Polli, vocals, Felipe Sousa on guitar, Fernando Gato on bass, Fabinho Araújo on drums, and Diego Andrade on percussion, they presented their new album “Mundo Novo” at the Festival, in addition to their best-known themes, and were received by many fans, especially Brazilians, who took advantage of this last day to see the many compatriots who were present.

Yuri NR5, the author of “Notas de 100” and “Ganda Moca”, was the artist who followed on the Free Now stage, greatly supported by a very young audience, who sang the various themes with him.

Papillon, one of the great values of new Portuguese music, has consolidated his role as one of the best rappers of the new generation, and on the secondary stage, he proved that, with an excellent concert, which left the audience surrendered.

The Free Now stage then received Maninho, guitarist, composer, and singer, born in Brazil, but living in Portugal since he was a child, he has accompanied artists such as Mariza, Héber Marques, Bárbara Bandeira among others, he took “Pode Tentar” and “Vem Pra Cá” among other songs, which have been so successful on the radio and online.

Gil Semedo was the artist who followed and the rhythm of Cape Verde reigned again at the festival, baptized as the ‘King of Pop‘, and had the whole audience dancing and singing with him. Nenny, closed the stage on the last day of the festival, the Portuguese singer, songwriter, and rapper, nominated for Best Portuguese Artist at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2021, is more than a promise, she is a voice that promises to make the world dance.

José Cid, who opened the Super Bock stage, after being announced for 01:00 in the morning, exchanged with Barbara Bandeira, who took the stage at 01:25 in the morning, Cid author of so many mythical themes, which remain in everyone’s memory, and the very young audience that was present, this proves it, as they sang and danced to songs that have passed through so many generations and continue to be a success, just like the day José Cid played them for the first time.

Tiago Bettencourt singer and composer from Coimbra, author of some of the most beautiful compositions of Portuguese music, entered the main stage of Costa da Caparica, to take those who were in the recital on a beautiful musical journey, where he played some of the themes that made him famous, and where so many others could have appeared, songs with a simplicity of poems and melodies, which always conquer the public.

MC Don Juan, then entered the stage, that is, he sent his resident DJ to warm up the audience, and for some time, between music, and requests from DJ Buguinha that the audience called MC Don Juan, Brazilian singer and songwriter of funk Paulista, finally, he entered the stage, to the delight of a very young audience, who sang and danced, and which MC Don Juan, accompanied in his concert in Caparica.

Then it was time for one of the most awaited concerts of the day, Kevinho, a Brazilian singer and songwriter, appeared in a wheelchair, after having had an ankle operation, but even so, he tried to give the best concert possible, and put the festival audience singing and dancing, even though he couldn’t dance, the author of “Tumbatum”, “Turutum”, “Olha a Explosão”, “Encaixa”, among other hits, always very affectionate with his fans, also chose from the audience some lucky to meet him in person backstage to whom he signed autographs.

It was then the turn of Os Quatro e Meia, the band from Coimbra, which continues to fill rooms all over the country, and is always a success wherever it goes, took the stage for another fantastic night, it’s incredible to see the public from all ages singing their songs from beginning to end of the concert, seeing the joy on the faces of the band and the audience during the show, true moments of happiness.

Tiago Nogueira on voice and guitar, Ricardo Liz Almeida on voice and guitar, Mário Ferreira on keyboards and vocals, João Cristóvão Rodrigues on violin, Pedro Figueiredo on drums and percussion and Rui Marques on bass, authors of “P’rá Frente É Que É Lisboa”, “Pontos nos Is” and “O Tempo Vai Esperarwere one of the great moments of the festival.

The superstar Carlão, was the next gentleman, announced by Os Quatro e Meia, for another great concert by the Angolan born, but from the south bank of the heart, he first lived in Costa da Caparica, then in Cacilhas, so he was at home.

To everyone’s surprise, Marisa Liz, who was present at the concert, went on stage to sing with him, “A Noite” by Stereosaurus. Carlão always wins over the audience from the first smile and from his first theme, so many are the successes he can present, that not all of them fit in the festival’s lineup, which with limited time forces him to leave some out, and if the festival had ended this moment would have been epic.

But there was still another star, Barbara Bandeira, the winner of the “Song of the Year“, with “Onde Vais” in a duet with fado singer Carminho in May at the PLAY – Portuguese Music Awards ceremony at the Lisbon Coliseum, see the report from ineews, entered and conquered the public that had been waiting to see her since 6 pm.

At just 20 years old, Bárbara Bandeira continues to add successes one after the other, singing for the audience of O Sol da Caparica, closing the main stage of the 2022 edition.

O Sol da Caparica 

This was, however, a festival full of controversy and complaints from the first day, from the delay in opening doors, and long lines to enter, which led to huge delays in concerts, and even cancellations, Miguel Ângelo, entered the stage at 00:17 when the concert was scheduled for 21:20, and shortly after, due to a power failure, the concert ended, The Legendary Tigerman, was even canceled.

Karetus also ended the concert earlier, after asking the organization to change the venue, for reasons of safety, logistics, and size, they were unable to finish the concert because someone decided to fire a fire extinguisher inside the tent where the show was being held.

The technical area, usually known as the ditch, was flooded by people with artist badges, who went to see the concert with permission from the organization, which prevented photographers, technicians, and security from doing their work, something never seen before, making it even dangerous, because several concerts had pyrotechnics, more than once the media was barred or expelled from the area, due to the excess of people in the place, still and due to the heat and conditions of the public, there were many who needed assistance and work was necessary redoubled for security and medical assistance, which all friends, family, sponsors who were in the pit with artists’ cards prevented or made more difficult, however, the organization chose to keep them there and expel or make access difficult, to those who were working.

During the festival there were many delays, it was normal to see the soundcheck of the bands already after the doors opened, which led to more delays, such as changes in the concerts’ line-ups, which had little difference, 10 minutes, between the stages, but the culmination of the displeasure and complaints of the public and artists who filled the social networks with complaints and negative comments, was the outburst of Os Quatro e Meia in the middle of the concert that was being broadcast live by RTP1 “Tonight we are here in on stage for you, because you paid the tickets… because if it were for the lack of respect with which several musicians during this festival were treated and a lot of the public was treated, we would not come here even once again with this organization”, and added “It ends here, being, politically correct! Don’t play with us anymore!”.

Sol da Caparica has everything to be an excellent festival, the artists who were present in this edition gave, in general, everything they had to the public that was present, with concerts of excellence, a festival that has some of the best music made in the world, the Portuguese language as queen, a good space, in an excellent location with a beach meters away, but it needs people in the organization with experience and ability to take on a task, which is not easy, but which, as we have seen, has many points to improve.

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