Carlão, Dino D’Santiago, Clã and Capicua among the most nominated at Play Awards

Dino D’Santiago was nominated for Best Album, with “Kriola”, Capicua, with “Madrepérola”, Bispo, with “Oldest”, and the Clã, with “Vespera”.

Clã also compete for the Best Group award with HMB, Os Quatro e Meia and Wet Bed Gang. Dino D’Santiago is also competing for the award for Best Male Artist, with Carlão, Samuel Úria and Sérgio Godinho, and Capicua for Best Female Artist, with Bárbara Tinoco, Carolina Deslandes and Mariza.

The names of Dino D’Santiago and Carlão reappear in the categories of Best Music Video and Song of the Year, with the themes “Kriolu”, with Julinho KSD, and “Assobia para o Lado”, respectively. In addition, the Stereossauro song “A noite”, in which Carlão participates together with Mariza Liz, is also nominated in these two categories.

The Revelation Artist award includes Chico da Tina, Cláudia Pascoal, Pedro Mafama and Cyro.

For the Lusofonia prize were nominated for “Te gusta” by MC Kevinho, “Étudo pra vem” by Emicida with Gilberto Gil, “Nzambi” by the Esperança project (which joins Paulo Flores and Prodígio), and “Inesquecível” by Giulia Be and Luan Santana.

The award for Best Fado Album will be disputed by “Do Coração”, by Sara Correia, “Mariza canta Amália”, by Mariza, “Amália por Cuca Roseta”, by Cuca Roseta, and “Buba Espinho”, by Buba Espinho.

“Dianho” by André Fernandes, “Dice of Tenors” by César Cardoso, “Portrait” by João Barradas and “Evidentumente” by NoA compete for the award for Best Jazz Album.

For Best Classical/Erudite Music Album are nominated “Duarte Lobo: Masses, Responsories & Motets”, by Cupertinos, “Il Mondo della Luna by Pedro António Avondano”, by Os Músicos do Tejo, “Luís de Freitas Branco/Sonatas “, by Vasco Dantas, Isabel Vaz and Tomás Costa, and “Joly Braga Santos — Complete Chamber Music III”, by Olga Prats, Leonor Braga Santos, Irene Lima, Luís Pacheco Cunha, António Saiote and others.

The Play delivery ceremony, with a presentation by Filomena Cautela, will be shown live on RTP1 from 9:00 pm on July 8th.

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