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Carlos Moedas visits Cape Verde where he will sign an agreement on marine research

The European Union Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas, begins Wednesday a three-day visit to Cape Verde, where he will sign a document with the Cape Verdean government that recognizes and stimulates marine and oceanic research.

The view of Carlos Moedas to Cape Verde, at the invitation of the prime minister of this country, will take place on the islands of Santiago and São Vicente.

On Wednesday, the commissioner will participate in the official opening of the Seminar on Horizon 2020, at the headquarters of the European Union delegation in the city of Praia, island of Santiago.

It is a meeting “aimed at enabling Cape Verdean researchers to participate in European research projects”, according to information from the European Union delegation in Cape Verde.

On the same day, Carlos Moedas will meet with the head of Government, followed by several visits to other organs of sovereignty, scientific institutions and technological companies.

On Thursday, in Mindelo, the island of São Vicente, the Portuguese commissioner will participate in the opening of the high-level ministerial conference “Our Atlantic Ocean for growth and well-being.”

On the sidelines of this event, the statement continues, a Framework Document for Marine Cooperation and Research will be signed with the Vice Prime Minister of Cape Verde.

The document “recognizes and encourages marine and ocean research in the context of cooperation with the South Atlantic.”

On the same day, together with the Prime Minister of Cape Verde, Carlos Moedas will participate in the CV Next Initiative, in Laginha Beach.

The commissioner’s visit coincides with the Ocean Week organization that will take place in Mindelo from Wednesday to Friday and will feature international events centred on the development of the blue economy.

Commissioner Carlos Moedas will participate in Cape Verde’s Ocean Week on Friday.

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