Carlos Neto, Nuno Lobo Antunes and Rui Correia debate the future of education in Bragança

Bragança brings together, virtually and in open signal, three of the great thinkers of teaching in Portugal: Carlos Neto, Full Professor, Nuno Lobo Antunes, Neuropediatrician, and Rui Correia, winner of the Global Teacher Prize Portugal 2019.

In total, there will be three sessions of Braganç@Educa (25 November and 2 and 9 December), broadcast live, starting at 9 pm, on the Facebook page of the Municipality of Bragança, in order to debate and anticipate the future of education.

Braganç@Educa is a webinar aimed at the entire educational community, placing the education debate as a cross-cutting theme and with plural access, and for this purpose, broadcasting it in live streaming, allowing that, even during a pandemic moment, everyone can have access and place at the event, virtual and totally free, without registration.

On November 25, Carlos Neto, Full Professor at the Faculty of Human Motricity at the University of Lisbon, brings the debate “The Importance of Playing and the Pandemic of Fear”. A theme framed in the moment of pandemic and social imbalance in which we live, where education and “playing” can be of vital importance.

On December 2, Nuno Lobo Antunes, a renowned Neurologist with a degree in Medicine from the University of Lisbon, will present his opinions on the way “how Schools and Families can form a powerful link”.

Finally, on December 9, it will be the turn of Rui Correia, winner of the Global Teacher Prize Portugal 2019, to ask the question: “Do you understand?”. A proposal to reflect on the didactic options that inhabit teaching routines and classrooms, with the question: “What would happen if the resources and, above all, the energy of a teacher were oriented towards efficient learning instead of faultless teaching?”.

The 1st edition of Braganç@Educa has, thus, as main objective to allow the participants (teachers, parents and guardians, technicians, municipal interlocutors and the educational community) to know and interact with nationally and internationally renowned speakers, allowing to update educational tools, strategies and methodologies for action, through the creation of communication and sharing networks.

A transversal approach, which aims to address issues related to positive parenting, the school and its challenges, the contribution that new technologies can bring to the performance, motivation and achievement of students and teachers, among many other subjects. A concept of free, free access and easy access to the whole community.

This is an organization of the Municipality of Bragança, through the Integrated and Innovative Plan to Combat School Failure, from the Intermunicipal Community Terras de Trás-os-Montes, co-financed by the Regional Operational Program for the North 2020, Portugal 2020 and the European Social Fund.

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