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Carminho takes fado to the CCB

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Carminho presented the songs from his album ‘Maria’, an album about and dedicated to Women.

This album contains several songs composed by “fadista” and two others with lyrics by Joana Espadinha, being a very intimate and very personal album. Carminho starts his presentation with the fado “O Beginço” and “Desengano“.

Carminho, one of the best voices in Portuguese music, entered the stage of the CCB after several months in confinement, in a return that was much welcomed by an audience that filled the room, and with a good memory for the fado singer, as it was where she presented her first album, “Fado “, in yet another excellent production by CCB and Museu do Fado.

The Fadista, visibly moved, thanked the public for her attendance, for the courage to leave home, even in these still difficult times. She told us that she hadn’t been on the stage in a long time, and that she was nervous, not knowing what he was going to find.

The audience responded with love, affection, participation and always pushing for her. With her husky voice, she interpreted themes from her album “Maria“, but also from “Alma” and “Fado” as “Bom dia Amor“, “Disse-te Adeus” a lyrics by Fernando Pessoa, “Poeta” and “Meu amor marinheiro“.

With his electric guitar, he interprets “A Estrela“, and alone fills the room with his wonderful and warm voice, followed by a “malhão da Nazaré”,Sete Saias” that accompanied by the audience with synchronized claping hands, smiles and a lot of emotion, make the night memorable at CCB.

A beira do Cais“, “Porquê” and “Chuva no mar“, lyrics by Mariza Monte, were the songs that followed, as well as “Pop fado”, an old and masterly “grabbed” lyrics by the fado singer.

Carminho was exceptionally accompanied by Pedro Geraldes, on the electric guitar, on the acoustic bass by Tiago Maia, Flávio César Cardoso on the viola de fado and André Dias on the Portuguese guitar and on the song “Uma vida noutra vida” the musicians made a “grand” solo each one, which the audience stood up and applaud.

In a special tribute to the birthday boy, Marco Esteves, a sound technician who has been with the fado singer for a long time, Carminho interprets “Alfama não envelhece” and ends with “As Rosas“.

But of course, an audience, also desirous of culture, of contact with the artists, would not let the fado singer go without returning to the CCB stage, and applauded, applauded endlessly until Carminho returned.

Thankfully, because the interpretations of “Escrevi o teu nome no vento“, “O Cacilheiro” in honour of one of the biggest names in Portuguese fado, who left us recently, but will always be with us in heart and memory, Carlos do Carmo and finally “As minhas penas” that Carminho performed without a microphone, showing all her vocal capacity, in a huge room, were undoubtedly fantastic and memorable.

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