Carolina Deslandes and Jimmy P join for new music

Welcome to “Mercúrio”, the planet of Carolina Deslandes and Jimmy P, which, as of today, is also the EP that brings together 5 original themes by two of the most talented artists of contemporary Brazilian music.

The recent quarantine opened up a time and space capsule for the two languages ​​of the two longtime friends to come together to create ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, ‘Jogo Sujo’, ‘Ruas da Cidade’, ‘Leva-me a Casa’ and ‘Dizer Adeus’ that give life to ‘Mercúrio‘.

It should be remembered that the pleasure of working together had been revealed in “Contigo”, a first collaboration that resulted in a hugely successful single, released in March 2019 and which still plays on the main national radio stations today.

Carolina Deslandes and Jimmy P decided to reveal everything about “Mercúrio” today, all at once, songs and videos, leaving only the live presentation of the work they forged together for later.

Parallel to this release, Carolina Deslandes continues to work on the successor to ‘Casa’, which will be her fourth original album, and Jimmy P is also preparing the singles that will precede his fifth original album.


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