Carolina Torres presents “Caos do Sodré”

Whether in front of the cameras or on stage, Carolina Torres is an unavoidable name in entertainment of the last decade.

Within a new generation of communicators, the young woman from Porto can appear to us either as a leading figure or as a misaligned figure. It is in this context that Carolina Torres is now presenting her new project, a documentary that refers to the stories of the ancient city of Lisbon, Chaos do Sodré.

Caos do Sodré tells the stories of one of the most emblematic places in our capital where poets, journalists, filmmakers, prostitutes and murderers passed. One of the most democratic places, full of myths, where concerts, love stories and violence took place. Today known by tourists as pink street, it is the setting for selfies, hashtags and questions about the names of bars. With the change of space of some establishments and the appearance of others, Carolina considered it important to record this mutation illustrated with some of the figures who frequented the pier in different decades, with the humor inherent to the unusual events and sought to understand what the future of this place will be.

The documentary is, therefore, a journey through the most unbelievable stories passed in Cais do Sodré in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Told in the first person, the protagonists are the owners of the spaces, the employees at the front of the counter, doormen, musicians DJ’s that gave life to the nights that ended with the first rays of sun. Some of the names:

Gisela João, Tiago Bettencourt, JP Simoes, Tânia Graça, Yanagui, Manuel João Vieira, Nuno Calado, Miguel Cadete, Rui Cruz, Samuel Úria, Legendary Tigerman, Fernando Alvim, João Botelho, Soraia Carrega, Kiko is Hot, Narciso, Rygz, António Costa (owner of Viking, Cais do Pirata and Menage), Augusto (owner of Copenhagen), Fernando (owner of Tokyo).

The most iconic places become the scene of each scene, giving symbolic value to the place of conviviality, bohemian and cultural that is Cais do Sodré and all its very own and rich history – fascinating both for the Portuguese as well as for our visitors and tourists who cannot help but fall in love with our country.

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