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Electric cars will cost the same as combustion from 2025

For Europe to meet its climate and environmental commitments to reduce emissions and zero pollution, the full electrification of cars, through 100% battery-electric cars or hydrogen fuel cells, will have to take place quickly.

The recently published study by the European Federation of Transport and Environment reveals that between 2025 and 2027, battery-powered electric cars will reach the same price as fossil fuel-equivalent models, and will not depend on incentives to do so. By 2030, electric cars will even be 18% cheaper at the base price than those with a combustion engine.

The price drop will be due to the drop in the price of batteries, which is expected to be 60% over the decade, from €120/kWh in 2020 to around €50/kWh in 2030. The value of $100 per kWh of storage capacity, the equivalent of around 80 €/kWh, considered a key point for the accessibility of trams in terms of price, will be reached in 2024

Also because of the change to manufacturing platforms dedicated to electrics by construction companies, allowing the production of electric models with other architectures, which will reduce costs by 10-30% thanks to scale factors, simpler assembly processes, batteries and other standardized components, and sharing the same

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