Cars are coming to Fortnite today

Epic Games has announced that Fortnite is finally getting driveable cars on Wednesday, August 5.

The addition of cars is coming with Fortnite’s new Joy Ride update, the full contents of which have yet to be revealed. Prominent Fortnite leaker Hypex had set the expectation that cars would arrive in Fortnite July 21, but Epic later issued a tweet clarifying that it would take “a few weeks” to launch the update. Since that was less than two weeks ago, we can count ourselves lucky that it’s going live so soon.

Judging from posters scattered around the map, we can assume there will be at least four driveable cars added in the new update. There’s the sporty Whiplash, a nondescript hatchback called Prevalent, a retro-inspired pickup called Bear, and a big ol’ semi called Mudflap. It’s possible each one will have different pros and cons like speed, maneuverability, and attack damage

Driveable cars will surely be one of the most significant updates to Fortnite’s core gameplay in a long while, and you can be sure Epic will change things up even more when Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 goes live, most likely toward the end of this month.

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