Carybé’s Watercolors of Discovery exhibition is extended until June due to public success

Collection of 52 works inspired by the Carta de Pero Vaz de Caminha received more than 1,500 visitors in its first days in poster

Inaugurated on March 9, the exhibition Aquarelas do Descobrimento, by the artist Carybé, has already brought more than 1,500 people to the Independence Palace in Rossio. The success of the public made the Brazilian Embassy in Portugal extend the exhibition of the works of the renowned Brazilian artist for almost a month. Scheduled initially to close on May 4, the exhibition will now be in Lisbon until June 1st.

“We had the expectation that the unprecedentedness of the exhibition in Portugal, added to the quality and historical sense of the works, attracted a large audience throughout the period of the Mostra. But exceeding 1,500 visitors in the early days was a happy surprise and, faced with this demand, we decided to extend the exhibition, “said the Brazilian Ambassador, Luiz Alberto Figueiredo Machado.

The 52 works in format 50x40cm framed with glass and passe-partout that integrate the exhibition are watercolor versions on the oldest record of the existence of Brazil: the Carta de Pero Vaz de Caminha. In bright colors and light strokes, Carybé gave life to the most striking moments of the Portuguese narrative about Brazil: the navigation of the fleet; the sighting of the lands; the first contact between Portuguese and Indians; the exchange of cultures; the first Mass. Scenes of the first encounters that, later, with the equally fundamental contribution of the Africans, would give origin to the Brazilian people.

Originally, the drawings were made in ink and published in black and white in the book “Letter to El Rey Dom Manuel,” a re-reading of the historical document devised by writer Rubem Braga, with the motto of the fifth centenary of Pedro Álvares Cabral’s birth, in 1968. Rubem Braga, friend, and compadre of the painter describes in the introduction of the book: “This edition, by its nature, does not contain notes nor glossary. The true novelty that it brings, and that justifies it, are the 52 drawings that illustrate it, from the Bahian citizen Carybé. ”

“Watercolors of the Discovery” has as curate Solange Bernabó, daughter of Carybé. The work sought to emphasize the harmony between the moments of the artist, with his privileged technique, and the landmark of Brazilian history revealed in light, colorful and meticulous features.

“Carybé was an accomplished draftsman and watercolorist, apparently simple art, but who requires technical mastery and does not allow corrections. Starting from the story written by Caminha, she used her imagination and knowledge to transform it into images, giving us the feeling of having witnessed the events that gave birth to Brazil for more than five centuries, “says Solange Bernabó.




 1980 Semana de Arte Estoril, Lisboa – Portugal

1981 Exposição no Casino Estoril, Estoril – Portugal

1986 Exposição na Galeria Estoril, Lisboa – Portugal

1989 Exposição no Casino Estoril, Estoril – Portugal

1993 Exposição no Casino Estoril, Estoril – Portugal


  • Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisboa – Portugal
  • Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Lisboa – Portugal


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