“Casa Contrary” the first single from the Tábua Rasa project

The theme arose from the eternal innate vs. acquired debate that the very concept of Tábua Rasa raises.

Whether or not we have some innate characteristics, the truth is that the family we were born into influences us and also determines a lot of who we are. Whether we like it or not, whether we are near or far, we can feel that we belong to the right family or that we grew up in a “Casa ao contrário”. This song is intended to be a painful yet optimistic testimony to the vulnerability and aloneness of those who feel out of place and out of place, but also to the beauty found in alternative angles of observing and absorbing the world.

Tábua Rasa is a new project by the artist Fernanda Paulo, which includes a record work and a staged concert. The live show is signed by Claudio Hochman and premieres on the 12th of February at the Centro Cultural e Congressos das Caldas da Rainha.

Tábua Rasa – Creating from “a blank sheet of paper” was the motto that inspired the composition of the 11 original songs that make up the album with the same name.

The mise-en-scène of these songs gave birth to a show full of small sung stories that will make the audience enchant not only with what they hear but with what they see.

In a storytelling environment, where the female figure assumes the central role, several issues related to our existence are approached: the strong personality of a woman of extremes, the mother who is always a “trapeze artist”, the love relationships that begin, which end or never happen, the difficulty in saying no, the influence of the family on our personality, among others.

Tábua Rasa follows the path taken by the actress/singer Fernanda Paulo, who has been exploring the connection between music and theatre in her shows.

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