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Casa da Música

The Casa da Musica in Porto designed by the architect Rem Koolhaas was the symbol of the “Porto Capital of Culture 2001”, having taken 5 years to complete, and cost approximately 100 million euros.
The entire environment works as a structural part, built-in reinforced concrete with walls of 40cm inclined at various angles. These exterior walls together with the slabs and the two master walls act together as a single block, as a fundamental part of the structure. To make it possible to build this building, the Structural Engineering company developed together with the Constructor, a sequential plan of 85 construction phases, and each of these phases had its own structural study. It took 13 months of study to decide the feasibility of this building.

The central core of this structure is both 1m thick walls on either side of the main auditorium, which rise from the foundations to the Restaurant slab. Almost all finishing solutions have been re-invented specifically for this building.

The main auditorium was built as a box totally independent of the building, through resilient supports. The glazed spans composed of Corrugated Glass, are suspended by steel cables so that they do not transmit the vibration from the outside to the inside and vice versa. The sound insulation level achieved is 75dB.

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