Casa do Brasil in Lisbon creates movie club to reflect on the current country

Brazilian programmer Lídia Ars Mello, currently doing a post-doctorate on contemporary Brazilian political cinema, proposed to Casa do Brasil in Lisbon the creation of a movie club, taking advantage of that space to have a great contact with the Brazilian immigrant community in Portugal.

“It may be a moment to discuss the activities of the immigrant association, which is Casa do Brasil, through the cinema,” said the researcher, designing a program that will feature political films in January, “according to the situation that Brazil is currently happening at the political level. ”

The opening film will be “The Days with Him” ​​(2014), a documentary by director Maria Clara Escobar, who will be present at the session, and discusses her father’s past, Carlos Henrique Escobar, a communist militant in the military dictatorship in Brazil (1964- 1985) and currently living in Portugal.

Still in January, the movie club will feature Isa Grinspum Ferraz’s “Marighella” (2011), Anita Leandro’s “Identity Portraits” (2014), and Emilia Silveira’s “Seventy” (2013).

In the following months, the program will be monthly, always on Wednesdays, with a theme about immigration and exile.

“The cinema does not work miracles, but it can open ways for people to think about the reality that Brazil is living. (…) We are living a very worrying moment in Brazil, of the tyranny of the government that has been taking place since it took over. a year ago, unfortunately, to the disgrace of us Brazilians, “said Lídia Ars Mello.

The programmer also has the perception that the Brazilian community has grown in Portugal as a result of the current political situation in Brazil, with Jair Bolsonaro as president since January 2018.

“Casa do Brasil is frequented not only by students, immigrant students, but also by a public that has no access to education and, in a way, has no political knowledge. We hope they can watch the movies and debate,” he said. .

Casa do Brasil in Lisbon is a non-profit association founded in 1992 by Brazilians resident in Portugal and Portuguese friends from Brazil and is open to all nationalities, read on the official page.

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