Casa e Cozinha displays latest destinations “Experiê”

Portalegre and Arronches close the first season with a mushroom hunt

Portalegre and Arronches are the last destinations of the first season of “Experiê”, the travel & living program produced 100% nationally by Casa e Cozinha, with a presentation by surfer, musician, storyteller, and self-proclaimed nomad of sensations, João Kopke, which airs on February 17 at 9:30 pm.

Tapping into the essence of the places and people of Portugal, João Kopke took viewers to the “four corners” of Portugal, with 19 episodes of 24 minutes that made the original production “Experiê”, produced by Maumau Mia, an immersive experience discovering an authentic, intense and fascinating country.

In the episode that closes this season on Experiê, we discover the art of Portalegre Tapestry, unique in the world, we reveal the heritage of the town of Arronches on a horse-drawn carriage ride and we explore the Natural Park of Serra de São Mamede hunting for mushrooms.

In each episode, João Kopke takes viewers on a journey to discover the best of Portugal, without closed itineraries, and always has as a challenge the achievement of an immersive experience to discover an authentic, intense, and fascinating Portugal.

Pack your bags and let yourself go on this adventure with the Casa e Cozinha channel, it will be a truly inspiring journey, in a country that still has so much to explore.

João Kopke (short biography)
João Kopke is a Portuguese surfer who is also a lyrical singer and storyteller. He has already been the national champion (U14, U16, and U18), European runner-up in the Grom Search U16, and was in the top 5 in the Open national championship. However, during the 13 years in which he won these titles, he dedicated himself to many other activities.
While participating in championships, the surfer studied music — he entered the conservatory aged ten as a bass player and finished the lyrical singing course in 2018. He is also a fan of photography and produces content that shows that surfing is for everyone, using the modality to tell stories. He is a true story-rider.
It is through Instagram, where he already has more than 23 thousand followers, that he shares his adventures in and out of the water, his incredible photographs, and his artistic streak.

Casa e Cozinha, produced by DREAMIA, is the only cable television channel in Portugal specially dedicated to decoration, gastronomy, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. With 40 different program formats and an average of 110 hours of premieres in Portugal per year, the channel, available on NOS, in position 95, on Vodafone, in position 130 on the grid in VBox and 205 in TV Box HD, and in position 122 on MEO, focuses on nationally produced content, approaching topics in a practical, creative, useful and familiar way.

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