Getting married costs €5,000 more compared to 2020 and cuts fall on guests

With celebrants, photographers and DJs leading climbs

Couples are looking for more wedding planners and alternative ceremonies

Getting married in Portugal is becoming an increasingly expensive option and Fixando – a service contracting platform – did the math and concluded that, nowadays, a wedding for 50 people can cost, on average, over 5,000 euros than 4 years ago, reflecting the substantial increase in costs associated with these events.

According to Fixando’s analysis, the reduction in the size of parties is another trend that has occurred in recent years, where 38% of ceremonies receive less than 50 people, compared to the 33% that occurred in 2020.

“These changes are not just a continuation of the trend started during the pandemic, they are also influenced by the increase in inflation and the cost of living, which leads the Portuguese to make more considered decisions from a financial point of view”, explains Alice Nunes, director of new business of the company.

In the last 4 years, several essential services for weddings have seen prices increase significantly, such as photographers, whose average cost rose from €700 to €783, wedding celebrants, who now charge around €425 compared to the previous €383 from DJs, with a price increase from €389 to €469.

In addition to these, makeup and hairstyling services for weddings also saw an increase in prices, from €81 to €140 and from €70 to €128, respectively.


By analyzing changes in the wedding market in Portugal, Fixando also reveals a new trend: the search for alternatives to traditional weddings.

According to the analysis, the demand for alternatives to religious weddings is increasing, with a sharp drop in preference for traditional ceremonies. In 2020, 43% of couples who used Fixando to hire services associated with weddings opted for religious weddings, while in 2024 this number stands at 31%.

With this new trend, the demand for wedding planners has also increased, and services are becoming a more common option for couples looking for a more personalized experience, with a 326% increase in demand for these professionals, between 2020 and 2024. Alongside this increase, the hiring of wedding celebrant services also increased by 263%.

“As more couples opt for less conventional celebrations, there is a greater demand for professionals who work in this sector. DJs, photographers, wedding planners and wedding celebrants are facing growing demand and also the possibility of innovation and reinvention that allows them to meet new trends and customers. It is a golden opportunity for the sector to boost business growth, opening the doors to new segments and services within its area of activity”, highlights Alice Nunes.

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