Cascais Experimental Theater presents ‘Hamlet’ at TMJB

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The Cascais Experimental Theater brings to TMJB one of the most iconic texts in Western theater, Hamlet, by William Shakespeare. The show will take place on the 28th and 29th of May, Friday and Saturday, at 7pm.

Written between 1599 and 1601, Hamlet, perhaps the most famous play by William Shakespeare (1564 1616) and one of the most iconic characters in literature, is, at first glance, a tragedy of revenge that begins when the Prince of Denmark finds out that his father he was murdered by his uncle, Claudio, usurper of the throne and now married to Gertrudes, Hamlet’s mother. But there is something much more profound in this text that talks about human nature and, above all, about life and death, in verbal duels that Hamlet has with the other characters or in self-reflections about himself – or rather, about us, because even more than 400 years away, the human soul, like the greatness of the piece, has not changed.

Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen’s translation (1919-2004) adds an unbelievable brilliance to this text. Completed in 1965, the first publication of this translation would be made in the magazine O Tempo ea Modo – initially banned in its entirety by the Censorship Commission, as there was a character in the play named Marcelo, such as Marcelo Caetano, who was then advocated Salazar’s successor. . At the time of its first publication, in 1987, the translator would write: “I tried, as much as possible, to translate close to the text, to be faithful to the richness and density of each sentence and to find a language that was that of the theater.”

Carlos Avilez made his debut in 1956, at the Amélia Rey-Colaço – Robles Monteiro Company. In 1965 he founded TEC – Teatro Experimental de Cascais. He worked with Peter Brook and Jerzi Grotowski. He directed the two national theaters of Portugal. He founded the Cascais Professional Theater School, which he directs. In its 2019 edition, the Almada Festival honored him.

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