Casino Estoril hosts motivational show “O Dia da Tua Vida”

Casino Estoril hosts, on the 30th of October, a motivational show entitled “O Dia da Tua Vida”. Featured speakers André Duarte, Jorge Coutinho and Inês Gaya, Not to be missed, from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.

As André Duarte underlines: “It will certainly be a day of immersion to unlock your potential, condition your mind for success and build a ‘hell’ of a life!

In “O Dia da Tua Vida” the following topics will be addressed: Emotional Intelligence; Reprogramming of Beliefs; 6 Steps to Thrive and Enrich; Thought Control; High Performance Routines; Step by Step to an Abundant Life; Relationship with Love and Passion; and On-site Training.

Several questions will be in evidence, for example: Why is it that 93% of people cannot have the life they dreamed of?

Conquering the life we’ve always dreamed of is not a matter of luck or birth. Achieving what you want is, above all, an exercise in developing skills to make you capable of achieving what you want.

Most people have not developed skills such as: Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Focus, Claw, Ability to generate wealth and Gratitude and, therefore, they do not achieve the life they dream of.

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