Casino Estoril premieres the comedy “Monólogos do Pénis” on 22 September

With the premise of revealing “what men really say about women”, the comedy “Monólogos do Pénis” will premiere, on September 22, at 9 pm, at the Casino Estoril Auditorium. It is a comedy, for both sexes, which has the irreverence of actors Ricardo Carriço and Ricardo Castro.

Women have always been very curious to know what men talk about, when they gather around a table in a bar… Simple isn’t it?

So, the motto for a good laugh in the comedy “Monólogos do Pénis” is set. A conversation between two friends that reveals what men silence when women are present. Your desires, preferences, and concerns.

Confessions between a “life-eater” car salesman and a “sophisticated” journalist and writer. The life experience of each of these friends sets the tone for a conversation in which they speak openly and reflect on the female soul and the woman’s body, often without even using words to define it?! A portrait of behaviors, through two very distinct speeches…

We’ll hear issues related to sex, performance in bed, advantages and disadvantages of marriage and divorce, fetishes, conquests and desires related to anatomical details, among others… Oh, it’s true! And even more talk about sex…

Santiago and Guilherme are the two friends, played by actors Ricardo Carriço and Ricardo Castro, in the award-winning text by Carlos Eduardo Novaes. The play is an audience phenomenon in Brazil, seen by over 1.5 million viewers and has been on stage for over a decade! The adaptation of the text to the present time here in Burgo was entrusted to the creative and irreverent genius of our Luis Filipe Borges.

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