Casino Estoril opens “Andorinha que vais alta” exhibition by Filipa Oliveira Antunes

Casino Estoril opens, on the 5th of February, at 5 pm, at the Art Gallery, an individual painting exhibition entitled “Andorinha que vais alta”, by Filipa Oliveira Antunes

Visitors to Casino Estoril will thus be able to contemplate Filipa Oliveira Antunes’ third solo exhibition at the Art Gallery. This is an original exhibition inspired by the poem by Fernando Pessoa “Andorinha que vais alta”.

The exhibition “Andorinha que vais alta” brings together 22 works that intend to celebrate the Swallow, as a symbolic value, filling the rare examples of her record in the History of Art in Portugal. In this sense, Filipa Oliveira Antunes was interested in understanding the poetic and philosophical analogy of a bird so small, but with huge wings, that flying long distances, arrives in the spring, choosing our houses to settle, until another departure for other directions. .

From this exhibition, we can highlight the work – “A Convocatória”, a painting that pays tribute to unavoidable figures of literature and art in Portugal, under a flock of Swallows in flight.

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