Casino Estoril opens exhibition “O Fio Comum” next Thursday

The Casino Estoril Art Gallery opens, next Thursday, June 3, at 7 pm, the exhibition “O Fio Comum”. It is a remarkable collective exhibition in the modalities of Painting, Sculpture, and Photography (Installation). Admission is free.

The exhibition “O Fio Comum” brings together works by 10 contemporary artists who, through their different languages, make known a great number of artistic currents, from abstractionism, or gesturalism, to surrealism. The “Common Thread” is what unites all these differences in a single exhibition.

Artists participating in the exhibition “O Fio Comum”:

  • Painting – Branislav Mihajlovic, Diogo Navarro, Filipa Oliveira Antunes and Paulo Pina.
  • Sculpture – Abílio Febra, Carlos Ramos, Filipe Curado, Jorge Pé-Curto and Rogério Timóteo.
  • Photography (Installation) – Paulo Paz.

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