Casino Estoril reopens Auditorium with the show “Duetos Crossover”

Casino Estoril reopens the Auditorium, next Friday, the 7th, at 9 pm, with “Duetos Crossover”, a breathtaking show that aims to combine lyrical singing with pop/rock music, inspired by the famous duet between Freddy Mercury and Montserrat Caballé.

With an immersive video mapping experience, Yolanda Soares and Bruno Correia take the stage to star in a show that promises not to leave the public indifferent.

“Duetos Crossover” provides the joining of the two voices, from two different musical worlds, opera, and pop/rock, in a unique and innovative interaction, with video mapping projections, transforming into an authentic world apart with flights of Dragons and Angels wings.

The beginning of the show is like a warning of the arrival in this world Crossover by Yolanda Soares and Bruno Correia. It is an event conceived in a poetic and ethereal way that unfolds in a crescendo of vocal, musical and expressive intensity. Each theme changes from the previous one and there is a kind of gliding in the open sky, with space for classical music, as well as for other genres such as Fado, symphonic Rock, Pop music, Broadway.

Everything comes together, because the voices come together perfectly. We are facing two distinct and unique singers in their approaches. They complement each other and create real moments of great emotional intensity.

In a very well-cared production: the excellence of sound, lighting and image, result in a brilliant concert, which goes far beyond music, voice and image. The messages they convey inspired the audience to feel this “world” where the difference is strength and unity. The crossing of boundaries in search of freedom.

The public will be able to recall timeless compositions by Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman, Pavarotti, Lara Fabian, Placido Domingo, Dulce Pontes, Amália, Montserrat Caballé, Freddy Mercury, Robbie Williams, Evanescence, Phantom of the Opera, Evita, Les Miserables, Turandot, The Greatest Showman and more.

After successive postponements due to the pandemic situation of Covid-19, this show was postponed until next Friday, the 7th, ensuring the surprise of integrating an approach to Zeca Afonso in interpretations that wander between the lyrical and pop.

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