Casino Lisboa has distributed more than 6.2 billion euros in prizes in 16 years

Since opening in 2006

To celebrate its sixteenth anniversary, next Tuesday, the 19th of April, Casino Lisboa has distributed prizes totaling €6,204 million in grand prizes to its patrons since its opening. It should be noted that, in the period in question, Casino Lisboa generated a total of 655.02 million euros in tax revenue, collected by the State / Turismo de Portugal.

Game Recipes
In the period in question, Casino Lisboa generated gross gaming revenues of 1,243 million euros, of which 1,106 million euros were from machine games (82%) and 226.8 million euros from bank games (18%).

Of this global amount, Casino Lisboa generated, in 16 years, a total of 655.02 million euros of tax revenue, collected by the State / Turismo de Portugal, as follows:
621.62 million euros, as annual contributions;
33.4 million euros, as an initial consideration.

Under the terms of the Gaming Law and the concession contract in force, 50% of gross gaming revenues revert to the State. It is recalled that the amounts resulting from these annual contributions are directed, in accordance with the legal provisions, to the realization of tourist training actions, to subsidize works of tourist interest in the municipality of Lisbon, as well as actions to promote tourism in the Lisbon destination. It should also be noted that tax revenue from the gaming tax that is delivered to Turismo de Portugal represents around 70% of its budget.

It is also important to point out that the initial contribution defined the application of funds for cultural equipment in Parque Mayer, the restoration of the Carlos Lopes Pavilion and a national museum, designed by the Government in the Municipality of Lisbon (Museu dos Coches).

Game Offer
Casino Lisboa currently has a gaming offer consisting of a park of automatic machines with around 650 slot machines – the largest in Europe – and 28 banked gaming tables.

As predicted since the opening of the Casino to the public and the pressure of increased demand, until 2009 there was a need to increase the gaming offer in a sustained manner. It is recalled that, when Casino Lisboa was inaugurated, the gaming areas were made up of 800 automatic machines and 21 banked gaming tables.

It should also be noted that the completion of the “Casino Lisboa” project entailed a global investment of 120 million euros, including the initial consideration paid to the State (30 million euros) and the expansion works carried out in 2009.

With a path marked by success, Casino Lisboa distinguished itself, from the outset, for harmoniously reconciling a wide range of Gaming with a suggestive entertainment and cultural programme.

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