Casino Lisboa honours Ukraine in the cycle “Tertúlias Poéticas das Nações”

It is already on Tuesday, March 3, at 9 pm, that Casino Lisboa will host the 2nd session of the cycle of “Tertúlias Poéticas das Nações”, dedicated, this time, to Ukraine. Ukrainian poet and national hero Taras Shevchenko will be honoured. Scheduled for the Beltejo restaurant, on the 3rd floor, this cultural initiative is the result of a partnership between Casino Lisboa and the Parque das Nações Residents and Entrepreneurs Association – AMEPN. Admission is free.

With the organization and coordination of José de Figueiredo Costa, the 2nd session of the “Tertúlias Poéticas das Nações – Casino Lisboa” presents the following tribute program to Taras Shevchenko.

  • Opening: Ukrainian Ambassador to Portugal, Inna Ohnivets will present the Ukrainian poet and national hero Taras Shevchenko.
  • Music: The lyric singer of the Kiev Opera, Larysa Savchenko, will be accompanied by Slovakian pianist Lyudmyla Shovkva.
  • Traditional Ukrainian instruments will also be presented accompanying Ukrainian songs.
    Music: João Sabbo – Flute
  • Live painting: Master watercolour artist Carlos Santos Marques
  • Photography and Image: José Boldt

Following the first edition, where the countries of the CPLP – Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries were invited, in this year’s edition, there will be a number of countries in northern Europe that are distinguished by their cultural richness and the originality of their national poetry.

The cycle of “Tertúlias Poéticas das Nações – Casino Lisboa” is distinguished by creating a social space in the parish of Parque das Nações, where shared culture is revealed as its central pillar. Culture is usually in evidence through Poetry, Music, Photography and Painting.

Access to Casino Lisboa is free, and from 10 pm, it is for over 14 years old, and over 10 years old accompanied by parents. In the game areas, it is for over 18 years.

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